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Project: Spread a Lil Love is 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that was created in 2012 by Clarissa Trevino. With the help and support from the community; we gather together and take needed items to local nursing homes, homeless shelters, foster shelters, children's hospitals and more.


People who aren't actually able to go with us, donate either monetary gifts or actual items for us to take to the nursing homes and each resident gets their own wrapped gift. 


These projects will be done throughout the year so funds and items are always appreciated.


"It's such a joy seeing all the smiling faces from the nursing home residents when children go up to them and give them hugs, hand them their gifts, or just talk to them for a little bit. A few years ago, before my grandma passed away, I used to have to visit her in a nursing home. I remember seeing all the residents there and I can't tell you how many times my heartstrings were tugged when I'd see them so sad or just speak with them for a little bit and find out they haven't seen their family in so long. It only takes a moment to smile and that smile will last a long time with them." Clarissa




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